This special Christmas party is designed to bring joy to the hearts of families with disabled children

Each Christmas, the first Everyman program is a Christmas party for hundreds of physically and mentally disabled children. This program is put together with the collaboration of the I.P.H.E (The Panama Institute of Rehabilitation), the Good Samaritans and the Association of Mothers of Children with Handicaps.

The children of these institutions who are suffering from both handicaps and poverty attend this special occasion and enjoy the fun and feast.
Everyman volunteers also identify children from all over the province of Colon and invite and transport them to the party. Our volunteers delight the children with a pleasant and amusing program. They serve the kids and their parents a lunch, drink, cake and ice cream.

At the end of the activities, the volunteers make a distribution of toys and a Christmas bag for all the children.

Omar comments: “This program brings so much joy to the lives of these children, no matter how much effort goes into organizing the event, the volunteers agree that the feeling of inner satisfaction that comes with watching the children experience something small but wonderful, makes it all so completely worthwhile.”



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Christmas Party