Without the support of the local community and our volunteers, Everyman could not function

Everyman Foundation is active in encouraging community support for our efforts. Omar is a regular speaker and a respected advocate on the topic of handicapped, poverty-stricken children. His speaking activities include:

University of Panama

The University of Panama is one of Everyman Foundation’s most important government partners. Omar gives talks to students at the university and has established Everyman volunteer time as credits towards social services degrees.  Many of our volunteers come from the university’s School of Social Service, School of Psychology and School of Education. The university provides kitchen facilities for our annual Christmas day program. Omar and university representatives speak regularly on the subject of poverty and disability.


Omar also speaks frequently on radio shows to encourage citizens and to help increase political awareness of the magnitude of the problems afflicting the handicapped child living in poverty.

Government and Government Agencies

Omar speaks frequently to members of the Panamanian government, government agencies and to city officials to encourage their involvement in solving the problem. He has meet with the First Lady of Panama who is sympathetic to and supportive of the Everyman efforts with children.

Omar recently stood for parliament in an effort to further the awareness of the plight of those living in extreme poverty with severe mental and/or physical handicaps.

U.S. Government

Omar has spoken to a meeting officials at the US Embassy who are providing foreign aid to Panama and has won their future support.

Medical Community

Omar speaks regularly to members of medical community, supporting their existing voluntary charitable initiatives, winning the support of the medical community in his new initiatives.


It is essential to acknowledge that to operate its programs, Everyman Foundation works with, and is supported by the resources of:

•  The University of Panama
•  The City of Colon
•  The Panamanian government and its agencies
•  Local charities
•  Local hospitals
•  Local medical practitioners
•  Local businesses
•  Wheels of Hope