We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience an epiphany—a moment when a concept drops into ones mind like “the sun into a frozen winter world.”


• To disseminate ideas that may help anyone, in any circumstances, to have an epiphany, an awakening, of the magnitude experienced by Helen Keller which she described as being “like the sun dropping into a frozen winter world”

• To help others draw a line in the sands of their life and to step over it to become all they were born to be.

• To kindle people’s hearts

• To foster an awakening of consciousness

• To foster the freedom and the joy that comes with the knowledge that “man is spirit”

• To help people realize that one changes others by changing oneself—by being (as Gandhi put it) “the change you want to see in the world”

• To help people become a rock of certainty spreading a message of love and hope and goodwill from the center of their own being to the outer edges of their sphere of influence.

Image Source:
Illustration by Gerald Henry from
The Great Cycle of Life series - 1997