Since 2002, Everyman volunteers have made sure that all the kids in hospital at Christmas are visited

This special Christmas event first took place for the first time early Christmas morning 2002.

Omar woke up suddenly at 4AM that morning.

He somehow realized that after 3 months of preparing to feed and give gifts to 2,500 people that day, he had forgotten the kids in hospital.

So he got out of bed, and with a volunteer in our Santa costume, distributed Christmas bags, toys, and drinks to the 25 children inhabiting beds in the emergency room and children’s ward of the Colon Hospital.

This small program has become a standard part of the Everyman Christmas activities. It give the volunteers such pleasure to see the look on the kids faces when they see they are remembered.

As Everyman gathers additional financial resources, we aim to expand this program to provide basic assistance to families living in poverty who find themselves in the unbearable situation of having a family member require serious hospitalization while having no resources to provide the sick family member with even the most basic of comforts.

Omar (with children) and the
Everyman volunteers at the Colon Hospital


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